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Lea Castle Portarlington

The Maldron Hotel Portlaoise is 10 miles from Lea Castle in Portarlington approx.15 minutes’ drive. The remains of the 13th century Lea Castle lie just 3km outside Portarlington. Originally built by William De Vesey in 1260, the ivy-covered ruins include a section of the unique “towered” keep, a nearly complete corner tower, a walled courtyard, wards and a double towered gate building. Visitors can explore the ground level. The caslte has changes hands many times. It was burned down by the O Dempsey family in 1284 and rebuilt by De Vesey. It was raised again along with the nearby town by a Scottish army in 1315 and lter burned again by the O Moores in the 14th century. This site is fascinating for anyone with an interest in History and archaeology.

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